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There are situations in life that are best described through poetry.  I experienced one such moment this year.  Please click here to find poetry and art combined.

Other small poems that I have written:
Summer Gardens

Wet ash stinks cold
In houses built for poor and old
Infertile garden clay,
To undermine the beauty of a day
For flowers tended to and picked
In the mind
For summer tables that never were.

May 2007

The Hotel Fire

Childhood pranks induce these dancing flames,
Dance and devouring,
Wedding dresses and dreams
Farmer’s shouts and screams
Set alight the drapers shop
With late night custom
My fathers fret to forfeit all previous contracts
To comfort and console
A bride
Who in one brief hour
Lost the contents of her show.

May 2007

The Big Laugh

Her big laugh
Small shoes on old boards
Dust rising in welcome of precious cargo
Mothers chatter
Cups clatter
Mice scatter

Low fat milk poured on weekend woes
Sugar stirred in
To comfort those-whose
Nervous tension treads on toes.

Commuter trains exchanged for pain
Domestic isolation eased through
Book club formation
Promises of Canapés and wine
And the friendship of women.

The Mother and Toddler group Sallins 2002 -2006

I Want my Life Back

I want my life back
Give it back to me
How dare you tell me in your crumpled shirt-my destiny is gone
How dare you with your unshaved look,
stunt the chapters of this book.
Go home, and rest,
Return your best
And change this novels ending..

In memory of Nickki - Dec 2007


Homage to those
Forget keys or putting out the bin,
Who walk to the pace of their children
And run to save washing from rain

June 2007

She Loves the Work

She loves the work,
She understands the piece,
The dirge, its meaning, the textures and colours
She loves the peace, its boats and language
An Irishwoman of depth
Global challenges unmet as yet,
And yet,
She understands,
She loves the work.

The work itself
An aspiration of feelings felt
And personal peace restored.
Green peace, her peace
Blue boats are mine
Skin boats, skin deep
She loves the work
Our challenges are met.

May 2008

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